Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 21: Niagara Falls

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Based on this photograph of Niagara Falls I found on Wikipedia. This is pencil on sketchbook, except I drew all the mist as black and left the river empty, and then inverted the whole picture in Photoshop. At the last minute, I decided to replicate the rainbow with colored pencil, using complementary colors, so it would invert properly along with the black and white parts. :D See yesterday's work-in-progress for what part of it looked like before inverting.

The inspiration: I've been watching the short-lived TV show Wonderfalls recently, which is set in the vicinity of Niagara Falls. I started looking up Niagara Falls on Wikipedia, and I found this photo rather striking and different, so I decided to copy it. Because it was mostly dark, I figured it would be easier to shade if I drew it in reverse color.

Self-criticisms: I didn't measure too carefully, and the proportions are a bit off, but I had a lot of fun with all the details. I did the top left area last, though, and it's a bit sloppy because I was getting tired. :P I also got lazy with the building in the top center. I should've erased my edge lines so it wouldn't glow like that... I also was kinda clueless about what to do with the trees. I like how the boats came out, though!

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