Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Round-up", a dream, Part 3

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I follow the crowd to a dolphin show.

Wait, there are sharks in the tank, too! Is that safe? One of the trainers dives into the water, and the crowd cheers him on. I've got to save him! I find a valve and drain the tank, but then the dolphins start flopping on their backs, so I fill the tank back up.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. The alien has returned, and he tells me it's time to go. How did I get so distracted by the dolphin and shark show? I still haven't found my dad! I've wasted all my time! "One second," I stall, and I grab the first stranger I see.

"Please help me find 4MV-48G," I plead.

"But there won't be any way for him to contact you even if I do find him," the stranger complains.

The alien starts pulling me away from the terminal. "4MV-48G!" I scream as I'm dragged away. "Just let him know his son is looking for him!"

Continued in Part 4

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